1. Laboratory bench for waste water treatment – Experiments regarding the modeling and control of waste water treatment processes;
2. Photobioreactor – Laboratory bench – Experiments regarding the modeling and control of obtaining the algal biomass;
3. Hera flexible assembly line – 6 workstations. Testing of optimization algorithms for discrete systems;
4. Programmable Logic Controller PLC – Testing of control algorithms for discrete systems;
5. Autonomous electric vehicle with 2 motor wheels – Testing of  nonlinear control  algorithms;
6. Manipulator structure with 7 degrees of freedom – Testing of nonlinear control algorithms;
7. Electric mobile chair for disabled people – Testing the advanced control algorithms;
8. Obstacle avoidance system (laser type) – Acquisition of information from the environment;
9. Hardware and software for control of the wheel chair – Real time implementation of the optimization and control algorithms of nonlinear processes;
10. Pneumatic FESTO driving system - Testing of identification and control algorithms of  nonlinear systems;
11. D-Space system for industrial processes control.
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