Center of Research of Automated Process Control Systems as its main objective the strategic development, promotion, integration and correlation of the scientific research activity and technological development, in the national and European research area, in the field of System Engineering by establishing research relations with the specialized universities and related research laboratories in Romania and the European Union.

CC-SCAP has the fallowing objects of activity:
•    Proposing and carry out  research activities through scientific research programs in  current global directions ;
•    Developement the research material basis of the Center, in order to align it with European standards;
•    Supporting and providing scientific support to the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Studies programs in the AIE Department
•    Supporting the organization of local, national and international scientific events;
•    Supporting CC-SCAP members in submitting applications for national and international research grants;
•   Support CC-SCAP members in achieving the research objectives of the national and international research grants obtained through competitions, respectively research contracts with commercial companies
•    Supporting CC-SCAP members in publishing scientific articles in recognized publications;
•    Supporting the participation of CC-SCAP members in prestigious scientific events organized in the country and abroad;
•   Supporting the editing and publishing of the Annals of University "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, Fascicle III Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automatic Control and Informatics, edited at the ACIEE Faculty;
•    Scientific collaboration with Romanian and foreign partners in order to carry out joint researches;
•    Attracting foreign researchers through internship programs offered by means of international agreements and programs;
•    Attracting potential research contracts from various beneficiaries (trading companies);
•    Collaboration with the management of the ACIEE Faculty and the University of "Dunarea de Jos" in Galati in all the scientific actions organized.

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